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I'm a thrill seeker/ day dreamer/ and a lie believer. I wander around endlessly and I have a curiosity for everything. 22* and a scorpio. Let me amaze you.

one day i aspire to shop price high to low

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dogs dealing with cats sleeping in their beds

If u are sad pls watch this vid

This is so accurate

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My mistrust [of men] is not, as one might expect, primarily a result of the violent acts done on my body, nor the vicious humiliations done to my dignity. It is, instead, born of the multitude of mundane betrayals that mark my every relationship with a man—the casual rape joke, the use of a female slur, the careless demonization of the feminine in everyday conversation, the accusations of overreaction, the eye rolling and exasperated sighs in response to polite requests to please not use misogynist epithets in my presence.

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#i have a hard time dating men because i have a hard time believing men respect me

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Pretty much. 

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Source on that quote is Melissa McEwan, since no one bothered to credit her for it.

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bish whet?

i need to step my game up

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Glitches in the matrix.

I’m freaking out

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Tumblr: love yourself!
Tumblr: unless you're white
Tumblr: unless you are a male
Tumblr: unless you are religious
Tumblr: unless you are a republican
Tumblr: unless you are skinny
Tumblr: unless you have an unpopular opinion
Tumblr: unless you actually love yourself

I’m not tensing I swear..


I’m not tensing I swear..

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